There are songs that bring me so close to my inner self that I feel overwhelmed by my own emotions and I can’t help but to cry, but not out of sadness but out of the pleasure that I feel when I am so close to myself me.

When I’m next to my inner self, along with all my qualities and flaws, all my desires and all my accomplishments, displayed in order, as in an exhibition, I wonder, I admire and I weigh them and I love them while I let my feelings fly free, to ravish me in every way they can. I like to feel their intensity and purity so I let them do what they want of me. Pull my nose, pour through my eyes, ring inside my ears, run across my cheeks!

Regardless of where they come from or where they head to, they slowly drip through me and I love the feeling of insane clarity they give, since I allowed myself to exist as myself, day after day and night night after night.