Vienna Calling


My body became resilient to my medication this May, and grew a new tumor on my lung. Since then, for three months now, the tumor is busy growing, and I am busy coughing and checking my handkerchief, hoping to avoid any blood drops on it, since that would complicate things.

Between biopsies, medical analyzes, and medical travels that regard the start of 3rd line medical treatment procedures of my cancer, I’m doing my best to maintain my balance, my happy state of mind and every moment I fail doing so, I find I wasted important time of my lifetime.

Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I do not. When I do not succeed, I double upset. I’m mad at myself because I was upset and scattered some good moments of enjoyment, just by being upset.

Few agree with me when I say that I feel spoiled by fate in this context.

But I am, because although some things have gone wrong, in the end we have received the confirmation of a new chance for life.

On Aug. the 7th, I’m flying to Vienna, where on August the 8th I will receive my new treatment: Brigatinib.

I am so looking forward!


  1. Hi Smaranda, I heard about you while reading an article about your coffee shop. Unfortunately I cannot help you in any way. I have a question however. I know somebody who is in a similar situation with you, fighting this disease. I wonder if you have tried cannabis oil that apparently kills cancer cells. I know cannabis is illegal in Romania and many other countries – in fact is legal in only a handful of countries. If you have tried it I wonder what are the results. Is cannabis oil a myth or is it really a therapy? I am sending also good vibes to you and your husband.

    • Dear Carla, my cancer is a very unusual one, hence my medication is a very new and expensive one, which in combination with harmless things like grapefruit or Teraflu can cause important damage in my body, so I can’t allow myself experiments, but I hear that in some cases of cancer canabis oil may come in handy.

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