Atunci cand sunt cu mine

Exista melodii care ma apropie atat de mult de mine insami, incat ma coplesesc emotiile si plang, dar nu plang de tristete ci plang datorita placerii coplesitoare pe care o simt atunci cand sunt cu mine.

Atunci cand sunt cu mine, cu toate calitatile si defectele mele, cu toate dorintele si implinirile expuse in ordine, ca intr-o expozitie, le admir si le cantaresc, le iubesc pe toate si las emotiile sa ma tavaleasca din toate directiile. Imi place sa le simt intensitatea si puritatea si le dau voie sa faca ce vor din mine. Sa-mi iasa pe nas, sa-mi curga prin ochi, sa-mi sune in urechi, sa-mi curga pe obraji. Le iubesc!

Indiferent de unde vin, ori incontro pleaca, trec prin mine si ma incanta sentimentul de limpezime pe care il simt, de atunci de cand, le dau voie sa existe impreuna cu mine, zi de zi si noapte de noapte.

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  1. While I don”t have much time right now, I do want to make my readers happy (short of killing them), so let me give my thoughts. I think you have a point about happiness coming from experiences that push aside the self, but I would challenge the idea that the loss of self is the same as death. It sounds like you”re describing the difference between presence and absence, not the difference between life and death. Buddhism talks about this in their discussions of consciousness, saying that in some sense pure consciousness (and absence of self) is one of the greatest experiences of life you can have. I would also argue that some of the pleasure we get from the sensations you mention comes from the reflections we have upon the return of the self. Finally, happiness is, in my opinion, not just the product of sensations and experiences. It results from many things, including the use of reason and intellect (Aristotle mentions this in the Nicomachean Ethics). So in short, I would add your definition of happiness to the pantheon of ideas about happiness humans have developed, but would not privilege it over others. If you have further thoughts, I”d love to hear them.

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