I haven’t been to the cinema for some time, more exactly since I realized I no longer felt the need to escape from my own life for a few hours.

The last 3 months were wonderful. In the last 3 months I have not left Romania, but I visited my mother several times, I rode my bicycle on the streets of Carei and I learned to make awesome coffee at Milu Cafe; started a new collection of paintings and organized numerous art exhibitions in our café that have resulted in sales for the benefit of artists. I participated in art exhibitions and I also sold some of my own paintings. I did not write too much on my blog, because I wrote and filmed interviews about this strange combo of coffee, art and cancer for the publications that asked me to. Also, I’ve started some new collaborations with Lungh Cancer Europe, Eikon Publishing House and Zurli Gang.

Today, seeing the last post I wrote was at the end of August, I got the feeling that I woke up on a Monday morning in August, I blinked and it was Friday, a Friday morning, at the end of October. I owe so many stories that happened to me every day, so in order to avoid missing them again, I’m set to do little bit of everything, every day.

I plan to go to the gym three times a week, draw or paint daily, to blog every two-days and to work instead of Dan at the cafe every time he needs me to, to feed Milu Cafe’s Facebook daily, to take care of the www.milucafe.ro site responsibly.

God give me power and inspiration to do them all.