Today, when I realized that my pulmonary tumor did not increase during my treatment but during the week after the August Ct, when I was still waiting for my treatment, I just broke away from myself and rebelled. I was angry with myself and with my gullible mind, my submissive soul and all those who managed to make me feel guilty because I got sick of cancer, with all the imaginary causes and all the feelings of despair I felt so far.

No! I did not get sick because I was bad or because my ancestors gave me a negative karma, I did not get sick because I’m no longer a virgin, and I will not heal if I lose my time by listening to all the absurd versions of miraculous healings , which start with ” I heard of”.

Today I stepped out of our house with courage, studied my posture and pulled my shoulders back until my muscles began to hurt. It felt great! Today I stepped with confidence under the beautiful blue autumn sky. Today I walked firmly, like a princess warrior!