Yesterday  a friend of mine asked if I dampen any regimen or if I do something particular in my lifestyle since I have cancer. I answered that I do nothing out of the ordinary.

A few seconds later I added that I’m not doing anything special, except that: in the morning on an empty stomach, I take a teaspoon of royal jelly, to enforce my immunity, a teaspoon of mustard seeds to lower my cholesterol, eat at fixed hours and consequently I take my drugs at the exact same time every day, I don’t eat grapefruit as I’m not allowed, but I eat one serving of fruit before every meal of the day, try to drink 2 liters and a half of water a day, do not eat watermelon, unskined cucumbers, cabbage or oranges after 4 in the evening, I train at the gym for about one hour: 30 minutes treadmill running,  and then swimming pool, at least 10 lanes. In the evening,  if I can, I take a  walk. If I fail doing these things, my body will  rebell. It’s enough to postpone my dinner an hour or two or to eat watermelon after 4 o’clock, and my body will reject the very expensive drugs I’m taking and I shall spend my nights crying on the toilet or sleep with frozen cartridges from the fridge on my belly.

At the same time, because I enjoy it, I drink coffee with milk every morning, occasionally with friends I drink an Aperol Spritz (this year I already had two) and sometimes I devour and ice cream (this month I have had one. Actually I post it on Facebook every time I have ice cream).

So yeah, I do not do anything special, just follow the rules, which little by little lose their “rule”  outline and converted into lifestyle, so it feels that I do not do anything special.