I didn’t dare to say, but I was hoping

At the beginning of this year, 2017, my lung tumors measured 4 mm, 5 mm and 12 mm.

I didn’t dare to say, but I was hoping that by the end of this year, cancer will exit the stage by Christmas just as, four years ago, it entered my life on December the 24th. All the odds were on my side!

In May they noticed a fusion of tumors and a slight milimetrical magnification that got ignored, because in oncology millimeters do not matter, which, by June, grew into 2,3 cm. Then hell broke loose! The patient developed resistance to treatment. Again.

The tumor grew at a hallucinatory rate of 2 cm per month.

It’s been four months of agonizing rage in which my mind stuck. The progression of my cancer has manifested itself in everyday life. Cough, vomiting and fatigue began to surface again, but most of my days populated by biopsies, punches, medical letters, medical visits, analyzes, and travels for … dull paperwork, created the illusion that I have an active life; Just as active as the life of my tumors whom consciously, enlarged, month after month, by 2 cm per month.

I stopped working out at the gym, I didn’t paint or write anymore because my whole being turned its eyes to my inside, where I watched powerlessly how, four months of bureaucracy, deleted two years of my life.

At the latest CT on August 24, the results showed that my lung tumors have quadrupled their size and returned to the stage of 2015.

One tumors measuring 9×2.8 cm and another measuring 1.2 cm.

Oh! …

On the other hand, brain tumors have not increased, on the contrary, one almost disappeared!

Yey! 🙂


  1. If somebody would offer you an information about how to get rid of cancer in less than one month, despite what the doctors told you, would you try it?

    • Not without solid proof! Too many people invested so much in me, I couldn’t make a joke out my life and of all their effort, based on someone hallow promise.

  2. yes, you are right to be skeptic, especially considering the outcomes and the efforts. What would constitute solid proof for you?

    • Medical proved aproval

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