Have you ever thought of how many people, at some early point in their lives, would have wanted to be 33? How many people wanted to achieve everything you did? How many people would have wanted to live their lives as you are living it now? You know how many people would want to be alive, but they aren’t?…

I’m sure you didn’t.

You do not even realize how, by everything you avoid doing now for yourself, you lose precious time that may or may not be available for you in the future.

Enjoy being 33 years old, or 41 or 63!

Be happy for having lived so many years and be proud when, by every birthday, you surpass the record of your last year’s birthday. You lived,  you  laughed you cried, and loved!

Be thankful, my friend, and proud of the best gift, not anyone can have: THIS new age! Instead of turning it into “A crisis”, celebrate it and be thankful for the most precious gift you received from your parents: this extraordinary body that carries your soul through this world. Love it, care for it and shape it as you like. You are it’s only master, and, regardless of your age, it will be always at your service until the end of your time together.

Be good with yourself because life it’s wonderful! Happy many decades!