Pulmonary puncture does not hurt. The complications hurt as hell’s flames. So after the first attempt, which failed, I confidently proposed to try again at Sanador, as I ment from the very beginning. Although I wanted a certain surgeon, two hours before the scheduled time of my consultation, it was canceled and ended up to consult with a former student of a surgeon who I fear like the mice fear water.

I was very nervous after consulting with the young doctor who, for 150 lei, informed me that despite recommendations from my oncologists specialized in my cancer, she would prefer pulmonary resection. I got out of the hospital and on an outdoor in front of me I saw a black cat drawn and figure 13 and I imagined how God bites his lip and laughs in the cluttered clouds above me.

 I had a new puncture withe the same surgeon and this time the puncture was excellent and we became friends.

Four weeks, five pulmonary punctures and countless emails later, I’m almost ready to start a new treatment. Third line. Brigatinib.

I flew to Perugia to meet with the new team of oncologists who wanted to know me before giving me the new treatment. So, Tuesday, I dressed up, I went to the Santa Maria della Misicordia clinic in Perugia at at 10 o’clock meeting with my new doctors. After I got through the labyrinth hall of the hospital, i reached the N building, I registered and waited in the waiting room until 13:40. I was finally received by the oncologist’s assistant who had ordered me in Perugia to meet me. Not the doctor, the nurse, along with which I filled out some forms based on documents already sent to Perugia by my oncologists in Rome and then Arrivederci! They will let me know when to return to Perugia for treatment.

I’m a little dazed by all that meeting, which seemed to me to be useless. But all the bad can be good, depending on the angle from which you look at it.

After posting this article, I’m going to visit the chocolate factory, the famous Baci Perugini factory! 🙂

*kiss – bacio – Bacio Perugini