Don’t be scared. Everything will be fine.

On the occasion of my last visit to Carei, I posted the photos of the food I had eaten there,  not only “to torture” you, but also to prove that eating in an orderly way can result into extraordinary things. Not only did I lose a few extra pounds, but the last blood test was so much better, that I almost fell off the chair I was sitting on, while reading them! My blood count show the results of a perfectly healthy person.

Then why do I still have a 9 cm tumor in my chest?

It is very simple. If I understand correctly, my tumors are a consequence of the genetic mutation ALK+ that I have. In other words, the tumor is a creation of my genetic program, just as we are a creation of God. The treatment I follow is effective as long as the body does not adapt to its presence in the system. My molecular treatment attacks tumors, but not the source. The source is in genetic programming. Even if I would remove the tumor by surgical means, my DNA would create others.

Hoping that my DNA will change back to the way it was before it mutated or evolves to self-repair or someone’s going to invent a method of genetic reprogramming of adults like me, there’s nothing else to do than to accept life as it is, take care of my body, be grateful that I have a good husband I can rely on, a beautiful family and friends that love me.

Many thanks to you, yes you! the one who is reading now these lines. Thank you for standing by me, thank you for still believing in me.

One way or another, every thing will be fine!



  1. Dar mă pot abține să nu întreb…daca te operezi ,in cat timp ADN-ul ar crea altele? Poate peste 20 ani sau poate deloc?!

    Sănătate multă și Sărbători liniștite și pline de iubire și speranță.

    • Mi-am pus si eu aceasta intrebare. Nu stiu peste cat timp ar aparea altele. Pacientii ca mine sunt prea putini si prea recent descoperiti si in consecinta nu exista studii care sa poata pune un pronostic ce poate sa raspunda la aceasta intrebare.

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